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A wonderfully fun and versatile multi-tasker, the Sili Saddle’s origin actually lies in the women’s health realm as an aid to coping with intimate pain.

Sili Saddle was developed by a woman who found, after seeking medical help, that the toolkit for recovery from vulvar distress was sorely limited. Unable to find what she needed, she and her partner set out to create an aid to sexual pleasure for those with delicate or irritated tissues: something that feels great on the vulva, even when the vulva itself isn’t feeling great. Working with pure, skin-safe silicone and a beautiful range of colours, they developed the incredibly soft, squishy and flexible, non-penetrative, anatomically-designed Sili Saddle.

The Sili Saddle feels fabulous at any time. It provides a delightfully
squishy, stretchy, super-soft texture. It’s great for gentle solo stimulation and enhances partnered intimacy, acting as a soothing yet stimulating barrier when skin-on-skin friction is uncomfortable. It works beautifully as a non-vibrating pleasure pad for sensitive vulvas.

Sili Saddle also acts as a fabulous bumper for strap-on play with flat-backed dils. Not only does it reduce pubic bruising, but it also enhances sensation. Wearing a harness has never felt better!

Cyclists can use Sili Saddle to add an extra layer of cushioning between the mons and bike saddle.

Some medical authorities identify a lack of physical stimulation as a key risk factor in developing GSM/vaginal atrophy (“use it or lose it”). The Mayo Clinic states, “Sexual activity, with or without a partner, increases blood flow and makes your vaginal tissues more elastic.” LINK

But if ongoing intimacy is part of the solution, what can you do when even sitting on an upholstered chair is painful? Moisturizers, lubricants, prescription steroids and hormone therapies can all be extremely helpful for dealing with intimate discomfort. If you haven’t already, talk to your doctor or other licensed health care provider about appropriate treatments. Lotions, creams, pills and rings alone aren't always enough, and this is where Sili Saddle comes into its own as a therapeutic aid.

Hand made from pure, certified skin-safe silicone, Sili Saddle is smoother than even the softest of hands. It soothes delicate tissues when dealing with extra sensitivity due to dryness or irritation caused by surgery, medication, vulvodynia, post-partum perenial tearing and scarring, or hormone fluctuations.

A luxuriously soft, pliant and cushy contoured silicone pad, Sili Saddle is designed specifically to provide gentle, soothing stimulation to a woman’s most sensitive bits. An anatomically-designed, non-penetrative, multi-functional device, it can be used as a massage tool, protective cushion, manual stimulator and even as an aid in applying topical treatments to tender tissues. Sili Saddle’s squishy texture is super soothing at room temperature. It can be safely heated or cooled (holding hot or cold for up to five minutes) and, because it’s safe and comfortable to use directly against even moist mucosal tissues, it’s a perfect barrier when used with conventional cold and hot packs for longer temperature treatments. Sili Saddle is boilable and dishwasher safe. Because Sili Saddle is made from highest-quality pure silicone, it should not be used with silicone lubes. 

Whether your intimate pain is caused by childbirth, episiotomy, surgery, dermatological issues, vulvodynia, lichens, penetrative dyspareunia, varicosities, prolapse or vaginal dryness due to medication or hormone fluctuations associated with breastfeeding, menopause or menstrual cycles, help is at hand.


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