Saddle Up!

Sexuality educator and burlesque artist Luna Matatas raves "Sili Saddle to the rescue" recommending the "luxurious little cushion" to enhance strap-on play. Read her considered thoughts on

strap-on accessories.

Sili Saddle in the Media

Sili Saddle is available in six luscious bright colours plus clear, matte black and unique Ombré patterns. Select the Sili Saddle that suits your personal style.


A super-soft non-penetrative manual vulvar stimulator

Sili Saddle’s innovative form echoes the growing category of labial/clitoral vibes

Squishy, cushy, pliant, flexible… Sili Saddle feels fabulous!

Fun for solo and partnered play

Designed for hands-on pleasure

Great as a bumper pad with strap-ons to enhance sensation and prevent pubic bruising

Made from 100% pure, certified skin-safe silicone

Boilable and dishwasher safe, Sili Saddle is hygienic

Comfortable directly on skin when warmed with water, frozen or used with hot/cold packs

Smoother than even the softest of hands, it’s soothing to delicate or irritated vulval tissues

A must-have addition to any well-stocked toy chest


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The Sili Saddle gets recommended as a solution to "pubic bruising" - just one of this multi-tasker's talents - on the Sex Toy Extravaganza edition of Dan Savage's always enlightening Savage Lovecast podcast.  We couldn't be more delighted!